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Last Monday I went for my first Magic redux massage. I am a person who retains a lot of fluid naturally and has tried many body treatments. I decided to try Magic Redux because of the opinions I had seen about the treatment. After having the treatment 5 days ago, I can say that the results with one session are truly incredible. I have noticed a loss of cm in both my abdomen and my legs due to having lost all the accumulated fluid. The massage is painful but they inform you at all times and ask you how you are tolerating it. I have also had some bruises but they also warn you about this. I recommend trying it 100%.

Lorena Vega


I have been a regular customer of magic redux for a year and I am happy. Now with pregnancy, massage is better to help with fluid retention and, in the process, alleviate back pain. The facials are also incredible, you literally fall asleep. The attention at reception is also spectacular, making every effort to make and change appointments and on top of that he is a charming person. Very satisfied


It's amazing!! The treatments are great both facial and body. I've already had magic redux, the abs and the facial and I always repeat! I usually take vouchers that are cheaper but it's so wow! You feel super deflated, after traveling it's a pain but if you maintain a routine you'll be amazed. The girls are great! And the Madrid team is absolutely charming, always making things easier!

Beatriz Sanchez Gavilan SPAIN

A super clean, professional place that has been able to advise me very well and accompany me in this weight loss process. A continued treatment where I have managed to lose 3kg accompanied by a balanced diet and some sport. I tried the tea they sell and it has helped me a lot when going to the bathroom. I suffered from that. I recommend it and I will return, unlike other aesthetic centers, they did not leave me any bruises.

Marta Beltran SPAIN

The best center specialized in body and facial massages. I highly recommend this type of treatment as it helps a lot to define, de-puff and drain. I have tried many in Valencia and without a doubt Magic Redux is the best value for money option. The treatment of the girls is unbeatable :)


Because there aren't more stars, they are exceptional. From the moment you arrive and Vero welcomes you with her kindness and beautiful smile, until you leave with a feeling of well-being and deflation. María, you are wonderful, my best medicine without a doubt. I always arrive with swollen and heavy legs and I leave flying. There is nothing like it, when you try Magic redux you don't want anything else. There is nothing like it. Health & Wellness. Thanks girls

Ana Isabel Pedrero SPAIN

I met him a long time ago and I repeat this time pregnant and I still find him spectacular. The treatment, the massage, the drainage, this time I got a bonus and I was delighted. I recommend it 100%

Beatriz Hidalgo SPAIN

Today I was on one of my many visits that I have been coming back for. They are all great, very careful, attentive and affectionate, but today I had María, and wow! I loved what hands, very friendly and interested in your lifestyle, to advise you and recommend things that can help you and make you better. Until next time!!

Rachel Luz SPAIN

For me it is the best massage center in the country, I love the attention, the results are immediate, it is perfect when you feel very swollen. They drain incredible, the massage technique is very good. The place is super beautiful, they take care of every detail. Highly recommended.

Mary Chapler SPAIN

It was my first massage and I will definitely repeat it. When I finished I felt lighter and like new. The effects are seen immediately. It is a very clean place and the service was excellent. I'm waiting for the next visit ;)

Ariadna Castella Beneyto SPAIN