• Reduces fluid retention.

  • Draining effect on your body.

  • Define
    your figure

  • Eliminates cellulite and improves skin.

  • Activates circulation.

  • Improves the digestive system.

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Reduces fluid retention.

Draining effect on your body.

your figure

Eliminates cellulite and improves skin.

Activates circulation.

Improves the digestive system.


These are the before and after changes that you can have in your body with our treatments.



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Opinions of our clients

“It was my first massage and I will definitely repeat it. When I finished I felt lighter and like new. The effects are seen immediately. It is a very clean place and the service was excellent. I'm waiting for the next visit ;)”.

Ariadna Castella Beneyto Barcelona

“For me it is the best massage center in the country🤭I love the attention, the results are immediate, it is perfect when you feel very swollen. They drain incredible, the massage technique is very good. The place is super beautiful, they take care of every detail. Highly recommended.".

Mary Chapler Barcelona

“I have been a regular customer of magic redux for a year and I am happy. Now with pregnancy, massage is better to help with fluid retention and, in the process, alleviate back pain. The facials are also incredible, you literally fall asleep. The attention at reception is also spectacular, making every effort to make and change appointments and on top of that he is a charming person. Very satisfied ❤️.”

Andrea GY Barcelona

Frequent questions

Is Magic Redux suitable for all body types?

Yeah! That's the magic. You can have our treatment regardless of your size, weight or body type, the only thing that matters is that you want to improve your health and physique.

How many sessions do you recommend and how often?

The number of sessions varies for each person according to how their body is and what their goals are.

We give you an assessment at your first appointment to recommend the best for you. Although you will see a change from the first session, we suggest doing between 5-10 sessions for the best results. You can do one session per week or every 10/15 days to obtain better results! You can also do one session a month as maintenance! Or 2 per week if you are on a detox plan.

Can I have a massage if I am pregnant?

Of course. Once you pass the first trimester, our Magic Baby Boom treatment is the right one to take care of your body during the process.

How long after having a baby can I get a massage?

If you have given birth naturally, you have to wait a month, and if it was with a cesarean section you must wait three months with medical authorization.

Is it better to do the treatment in the morning or in the afternoon?

The time you have the treatment does not affect the results. Yes, we recommend that if you ate before, let your body digest for at least an hour.

How long after cosmetic surgery can I have a massage?

This depends on what type of cosmetic surgery you have had. Generally, the sooner you start, the better it will be to obtain the best benefits from the surgery, helping you deflate and recover faster. We always recommend that you consult with your doctor first.

What should I do before and after the treatment?

Before we recommend:

-Do not eat very heavy foods and allow at least an hour for your body to digest.

-Go to the bathroom before starting the treatment.

Then we recommend:

-Drink lots of water or one of our Magic Tea which is a cleansing tea.

-Do some exercise activity that you enjoy such as cardio.

-Avoid alcohol consumption or heavy meals.

Can they turn out purple?

In some cases, when people have delicate and sensitive skin they may appear purple, but it is rare.

Can men do it?

Of course. We have Magic Redux for Men, which is the ideal treatment to help them drain, relax the body and improve their physique from the first session.

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